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Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) sleep disorder treatment

“Medical-Tourism-in-Thailand.COM” provides reliable international medical tourism facts about affordable surgery abroad.

We continually research which surgeons are providing the best surgical results, who is offering the best procedures and where is the best value for money.

Global medical tourism makes sense only for three reasons:

  1. The world's best surgical results; and/or
  2. Excellent value for money; and/or
  3. Great procedures and treatments not offered in the patient's local area.

Increasingly often, Thailand now makes sense only for the second reason and only for a very limited number of things, such as sleep apnea solutions and treatment of sleep disorders, including:

If you seek breast enlargement or plastic surgery in Thailand, our “observe & report” service will help you find the best value for money — or help you learn that Bangkok is not the most advisable place.

Breast Enlargement, Breast Reduction, Breast Implant Removal, Nipple Reduction & Breast Lifts
(recovery under physician's care)
Brand & Size Silicone Breast Implants for Breast Enhancement
nights in hospital
Breast Augmentation Cost
Brazilian Silicone <400cc
Sillimed Silicone <400cc
Mentor Silicone <400cc
Natrelle Silicone <400cc
Brazilian Silicone 400cc-600cc
Sillimed Silicone 400cc-600cc
Mentor Silicone 400cc-600cc
Natrelle Silicone 400cc-600cc
Sillimed Silicone  700 or more
Mentor Silicone 700 or more
Natrelle Silicone 700 or more
Anatomical Silicone Implants <400cc
Anatomical Silicone Implants >400-600cc
Anatomical Silicone Implants >600cc
Breast Augmentation Revision
add US$1,250
Areola Reduction Surgery 1 side
Areola Reduction Surgery both sides
Nipple Reduction 1 side
Nipple Reduction both sides
Breast Lift
Breast Augmentation + Breast lift
Male Breast Reduction (liposuction)
Male Breast Reduction (Surgery)
*brand and size determine cost  updated 20 November 2014

Seven years ago finding good value for money healthcare was easy. Now it is downright challenging and we can recommend only very few things.

Silicone breast implants are FDA approved

Your plastic surgery medical tourism MUST be well guided or you may discover too late that prices for international medical tourists are now often higher than in Australia, the USA and London.

Tumescent liposuction costs in Bangkok can be 80% less than in the USA. When the non-surgical costs and anesthesiologist's hourly rate is added to the American prices, the attractiveness of the all-inclusive Thai tumescent liposuction package costs improves further. Calculate it any way you want, it is great value for money.

liposuction in Bangkok is 80% less than in USA

The best liposuction package deal now offered in Bangkok by a high quality medical facility and leading plastic surgeon includes:

  1. Food during stay
  2. Both surgeon and nurse fees
  3. Post-op aftercare & follow-up
  4. Free airport pickup (upon request, directly to hospital)
  5. Anesthesia fee
  6. Room during stay at hospital
  7. Free condominium for three days if getting more than nine points of liposuction (upon request & must book in advance)

Liposuction on two inner thighs would cost US$1,500 compared to US$6400 to US$9600 in the USA.

Do NOT make decisions about your health based on terribly outdated information.

Transsexuals have begun to realize that Bangkok long ago stopped providing the best MtF SRS. Excellent self-promotion and marketing does NOT equal best surgical results and good quality of life for the patient. And Thailand never provided the best FtM surgical results.

Warning: Healthcare in Thailand is now very much health care for profit after the American model — maximum profit — and obscene profit if possible.

It is EXPENSIVE for everyone and anyone — including Thais — not only visitors from other countries.

American insurance companies buying up and taking over Thai hospitals is only part of the reason.

Very few Thai physicians still believe like Dr. Somsak Lolekha MD, PhD, former president of the Medical Council of Thailand that: “Medicine is about saving lives, not making money.”

Many of Thailand's great humanitarian doctors, such as Dr. Sommai Tongprasert, have passed away or retired.

Thai hospital CEOs complain: "Physicians have become businessmen first, doctors second."

“Just a quick note to thank you for all your assistance in arranging my operation. I am pleased to say that it has now been successfully done & after two weeks holiday in Thailand & Singapore to recuperate, I am now back in Australia. I was very impressed with the whole set up of the hospital & found it very professional & world class. I would have no hesitation in recommending you & your service as well as the hospital to anyone interested. Thanks also for arranging the resort … very comfortable & peaceful. Once again, thank you for all your help. Kind Regards. — Murray Patterson

For the same procedure, some Thai plastic surgeons charge more than 75% of Board Certified plastic surgeons in the USA.

Some Thai hospitals catering to the local Thai community are charging unsuspecting Thai people 300% what the procedure costs in the USA.

Thai people themselves should and ARE going elsewhere for the best value for money. including for:

Those are the reasons we also provide information about the best medical tourism destinations outside of Thailand, such as:

Anyone thinking about becoming a medical tourist, looking for medical tourism packages overseas, and considering using medical tourists agencies will find this site about medical tourism in Thailand also has useful information about the other locations we personally would go if we had your health problem.

We try our best to stay impartial, unbiased and give you current, accurate, medical tourism facts unlikely to be mentioned by medical tourism marketers.

For MORE THAN FOUR DECADES we've been researching the top medical tourism hospitals in Thailand, using them for our own health care and the healthcare needs of our friends and loved ones, including many Thais.

We have personally experienced the good, the bad, the ugly, the cheap and the expensive of private hospitals and government hospitals from Nan in the north to Phuket in the south and Bangkok in between.

Use the knowledge base and experience of “Medical-Tourism-in-Thailand.COM” to help you get healthcare that is excellent value for money.

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